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Colours (Niveau A.2.2 à B.0)

Date(s) : Le lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi
- 26, 27, 28, 29 août 2019

Horaire : De 09h30 - 12h30

Lieu : Salle Delvaux à LLN --- Plans des auditoires de Louvain-la-Neuve

Prix : 80 €

Code d'activité : 3799

Formateur : Kathleen Jago

Comment s'inscrire ? Description :

Colours. Or should I have chosen a quote as title: A sunset will color your dreams. And a sunrise will color your smile. So we already move from noun to verb, from what we can see to what we can perceive and feel...

To deal with colours is indeed a broad topic. Their influence is consciously or unconsciously huge and the variety of hues and shades is fascinating, captivating, enchanting! Some are hypnotizing, others may be felt as boring and dull

I personally appreciate colours those I can see in the wild and those I chose for myself or my home. They can vary according to the season or my state of mind.

How about you? What is your favourite colour? What role do colours play in your life?

Indeed, they appeal to our sense of sight, can rouse our emotions and often have a symbolic impact. They definitely interfere in our lives.

Furthermore, as human beings do not live alone, colours are also defined by our society, they are part of our codes and values.

Consequently I propose to follow the thread of colours through centuries, discover their origin, the various techniques to use them and their role in our cultural reality - a discovery through the eyes of painters, writers, historians, philosophers, leaders, scientists, ...

It is also an opportunity to revive your English language, widen your vocabulary and revise some grammar if needed.

To conclude, I hope this subject will help you 'rainbow your days' another quote by A.T. Hincks. By the way what does this quote mean, do you think ?